Colors of memories

by Shiva Sai   Sep 5, 2021

Memories are good,
Memories are bad.

Some of them sad,
And some of them happy.

Memories keep us united,
With the loving ones we parted.

Memories keep us going,
Carrying us through life's path, fighting.

Memories bring tears of joy,
Memories bring tears of sorrow.

Some of them like the greens,
The greens of forest, ever bringing,
Freshness and calmness to our minds.

Some of them like the reds,
The reds of fire, ever bringing,
The heat and pain to our minds.

Some of them like the blues,
The blues of still water,
Creating ripples in our hearts.

Some of them like the blacks,
The blacks of a dark night,
Creating shivers of fear in our bodies.

Some of them like the whites,
The whites of pure milk,
Bringing in peace to our tormented souls.

Memories are thus,
Of different colors and different flavours.

All reminding us of the word,
That we need to move forward.

Into the unknown called FUTURE,
From the known called the PAST...


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  • 11 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    There are good and bad, ips and downs with memories. They keep us going..