Silencing the Silence

by Baby Rainbow   Sep 17, 2021

I am leaving my plans of silence behind,
since it appears out of my hands now.
These black walls surround me as
I wonder why we keep hiding someone else's crimes.

I really couldn't care if the whole world knew the truth,
because I refuse to be labelled the bad one any more
when I submit my concrete evidence.

You will never again see me scared,
I don't know how or when,
but your secrets will come out,
you will finally be caught,
and our victims will have realised
that we are the evidence needed
to lock you behind bars for life.

Will you offer your confessions behind the bars,
or will you repeat your rehearsed excuses
for how none of it could have possibly been your fault.

I am leaving plans of my silence behind,
and I will warn you now,
you will not recognise me at all
without the tremble you thought you had engrained in me.




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