Before The Bottle

by Baby Rainbow   Sep 17, 2021

Memories are buried deep
of what we were so many years ago,
that little back bedroom where we spent our childhood nights -
back when you were sober.

There was so much inside of what we used to be,
but another empty bottle breaks our bond,
another drink that sends you further away from me.

You used to always have my back,
in-fact you used to have my heart,
and I trusted you to protect it like big brothers should,
so please help me understand
where my childhood hero went?

I doubt myself and the heart I used to have,
because I find it so hard to believe
that the child in me could ever have loved someone
that turned out as drunk and as heartless as you.

What did you think would happen when you became centre-stage
with your dramatic drunk performances disclosing drunken lies?

You chose to cross that line of lies,
and since then wild feelings have grown,
now you have a sister that you barely know,
and I have a brother who I have to disown.




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