Bottle of Betrayal

by Baby Rainbow   Sep 17, 2021

Please stop holding onto this desire to destroy us,
imagine your life without your parents,
without your home,
because you are never satisfied lately
unless your actions amount to this turmoil of pain.

I know you are always a little drunk,
but you are not too stupid to know,
that forgiveness is not free
and its a long walk back to my heart.

You took things too far trying to claim my badge of justice,
but it is my story to uncover,
and my ending is not up to you.
Just walk a day in my shoes
and feel the utter devastation
of that young girl
who lost her brother to a bottle,
knowing she would never get him back.

Let me know when your conscience arrives
and slaps you sober with an answer.

Now you are an addict, torn by pride,
I can't accept that version of you
and you can't ever earn back the trust you stole from me.

You say you want justice but that is not true,
you are trying to empty closets when it's my skeletons to free.
Tell me what you hate about me so much,
that you refuse to let me move on?
Whatever it is, I am sorry,
but hurting me with these lies
will never bring you closure.

What would you do if you woke up sober,
disappointed that you did this to us.
You became the stranger next door,
where all that matters is more of you and less of us.

You have two choices in this game,
to burst your bubble of lies and face your fears,
or beg beyond prayers that the poison from your tongue
does not cost you the worst outcome of all.




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