Bundle of Joy

by Faithless Watermelon   Sep 25, 2021

She wore a silver threaded straight jacket with brass buttons where her eyes would be, and with her lips she made a crown to top all her lovers. In a den of lions, a ring of flowers marked the place where she slept. When the cold came she milked the earth for her children.

Nothing fades thats meant to stay and nothing stays that means a thing. All the others think the same but all their druthers miss their aim. Ladies sweet and men of war, beasts of burden, women scorned. No man left behind and every man for himself, no risk, no reward. God is with you and the Devil doesn't play by the rules. The truth isn't the whole of truth, time will rape you. Twist your fate before your fate twists you.

Hey. I remember you. I'm not sure i know what to do with you. At times i become aware.. of this little box i put down somewhere, at some point. And the thing is, the box is safe. And secret. But sometimes i sit down in the dark and there it is. I don't really remember the pictures. Just the feelings. Im sorry i didn't know how to love you then, and im sure i don't now. But i still try.


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