Family Line

by Savannah   Oct 17, 2021

“I.O.” is marked on a gravestone in Milton
An American flag and bronze star grave marker spin in the wind
Next to it, a blank stone nearly smothered by the earth
Grass peeks out from two holes in the slab
Two holes for two nameless people

Alcohol runs thick through the bloodline
The great-great-great-grandfather drank his family into oblivion
“Night Terrors”
Less than a mile outside of the unnamed cemetery, his wife waited
She and the newborn froze to death while waiting

A girl screams profanities in the middle of a dirt road
Street light illuminating the corner doesn’t reach far enough to touch her
The great-great-grandson hides in drunken bliss
Multi-generational trauma continues
Leaves the girl in a frozen stupor


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