In The Tranquil Repose

by Domenico Sottile   Dec 26, 2021

In the tranquil repose of retreat
I watch the black clouds of a pain in the past
becoming intoxicated by your presence
for you are my friendly companion

Now you fall asleep like a drop of green pupils
on the grass of my heart
What you do asleep
Perhaps is known to angels wandering among clouds of tears

By awakening on the rainfall
the wet chill caresses your feet
and of your hands
fingers freeze the flames of the coming sun

The ink of my words rains on the white cement
of the streets of my books
What are we doing alone away from the islands
far from the little days
from the young warmth of sweet morning hours
on the sand of the blue beaches of the rocks of my soul
covered by shells asleep?

Upon wakening I shall dart running
toward the arms of your dreams


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