Concierge Time

by Domenico Sottile   Mar 24, 2022

Concierge Time

Throughout this thing
we call time
in which you drown your life
and mine
we say:
time flies
as if it were a bird
- making it
so absurd-

We say we spend time
as if it were money
We kill time
as if
it was an enemy
We waste time
as if it were
an essential element
to sustain us
at any moment

But in this cosmic
Residence of Time
we are only its guests
for a particular particle
of the universal flow
we ought to know-

if we wish
we can stay
since for our fleeting visit
there is no charge
-we certainly see it-

In this eternal
universal hotel of time
we check in
for our transient stay
We cannot run out
of space and time
no matter how we sway
this cosmic residence
has room eternally
and for every one

We check in
our fleeting presence
to hear the clock chime
and before we know it
our presence is ready
to check out on time

Concierge Time
patiently waits
to endlessly
take care
of all its guests


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