Sonnet 64

by Ziad Dib Jreige   Apr 12, 2022


How oft we sense the beauty around us,
And we love our present.

How oft we feel immortal
Through the love of whom we hold dear.

How oft, we fail to live as mortals,
And we fail to recognise our vanity.

Sonnet 64

How sweet is the sight of your ambling pace,
When to me you flow as a gentle creek,
To me you flow and then you stroke my face,
Upon my skin, a thousand buds you leak.
How sweet is the sound of your husky voice,
When in the silence of morning you speak,
To me you speak and then my ears rejoice,
And up to my bosom, your drive your cheek.
Tell me how can my senses five perceive
Immortality through your every side?
Then how can my own perception deceive
My hopeful reflection and my keen pride?

Will I be here tomorrow to seize you?
Or will you seek my trace in morning dew?


The first two quatrains
Share the same literary structure,
Describing two ways through which
The love that the poet has
Towards his beloved is perceived .
Yet the first quatrain
Emphasises the sense of sight,
Whereas the second one
Emphasises the sense of hearing.

The third quatrain tells about
How the senses all together,
Can be deceived
By their own judgment!
Then in their turn be deceiving .
And how one can have
A false perception,
When all senses are biased,
And drunk with Love.

The couplet is here to make
A strong statement of vanity.
The uncertainty of tomorrow,
And the fragility of existence
In a physical form,
Are largely present in the questions.
Seizing one by the senses ,
Can only be certain
In this very moment,
In this very present time.

© Ziad Dib Jreige #sonnet64

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  • 4 months ago

    by mistake

    I liked the poem, and thank you for the analysis. For me though part of the art of poetry is to allow the reader to take their own analysis away and to find out later the authors deeper meaning if it really struck a chord with them. Thank you for the good read, but next time put a spoiler warning with the analysis x