by Mabini   Jun 5, 2022

The door left ajar, suddenly creaked open.
Cold eyes shot me down to the hard ground.
Guess the shoe inside the box was a mere predicament.
Like an eggshell, the fall broke its bound.

We stared at each other for a minute,
before he rushed to collect it.
Frozen in my seat, frozen in fear.
Like an eggshell, my fragility had reappeared.

Took the chance to flee behind his track,
but he easily grabbed my freedom back.
His fingers clawed between my nape and neck,
like an eggshell, I heard a sudden break.

A tack and a continuous ticking followed.
as my white pearls freed themselves and rolled.
Oh heaven sent, things got out of his hand.
Like an eggshell, his plan became fragile and bland.

Struggled to see his weakness through my crawl,
but managed to touch it before we brawled.
Like an eggshell, I was between his fingers again.
There I reached out to the plaque of his dead end.

Before everything goes black,
before I breathe my last,
I aced in hitting his ego with his plaque.
Like an eggshell, his audacity bled from the crash.

His downfall was my stepping stone.
And another hit gave me some time.
His power drained through the crack.
Like an eggshell, its yolk seeped through the gap.

Saving oneself is nothing to atone.
Those boxes, I know, those are mine and only mine.
He owned nothing from those, nothing I say.
It's only for Henry, who long ago, parted away.


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