I'm Tired of Loving You

by Milo   Jun 18, 2022

And there she goes,
Her and the painted night horse
disappearing into the dark, dark night.
Her blonde hair shining with the stars,
arms outstretched to the sky
as I run eternally until my broken heart
finally gives out.
I've ran for years trying to chase
what use to be mine (love and happiness,)
and what I can never have again.
The universe sways away from me.
I look around and see myself lost
in a never ending circular motion.
Everyone acts different when I start to
finally love myself more than I love you,
the ground transition and caves in
While I fall and left to drown in this starry ocean.

I work myself to death, in a world
I dont want to relate to anymore,
and I don't want to do this forever.
I have swayed too long against
the currents and now I'm tired.
I'm tired of running, floating and
chasing for love.

What no lover would say to the one
they love, is that I'm tired of loving you.

Happy birthday my Silver.


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