Love is Falling

by Milo   Jun 19, 2022

There are no kind words strong enough
to change the direction I've been going on.
My entire life is a a house of cards
and it only took three words to keep it from falling down,
but it falls anyway.
Self preservation has taught me to run away,
as fast as I can, just before
you are discarded.
but you can't run fast enough,
because the piece of you that you are trying to save,
the piece that tells you that you are worthy of love,
goes up in flames like flickers of burning paper
dissolving into ashes in the dark sky.

Those pieces you think you saw in others,
in memories of something or someone,
the places we were once lost or found,
maybe floating in the sacred hiding spots between
our hearts and when we look up at the stars,
wherever and whoever your pieces belong to,
we are all running and chasing because
part of yourself got away from you
a long time ago.

I guess I'm too tired to run to save myself anymore.
The house is falling and I'm standing
exactly where I'm suppose to be.


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