Life is like a crystal ball of fortune

by Kazeronnie Mak   Jun 23, 2022

Life is like a crystal ball of fortune.
When it falls into pieces,
the people try to grab it.
Someone grabs it more,
someone grabs it less,
someone grabs it none.
Dear friend, how much have you grabbed yet?


The crystal ball of fortune is a metaphor.
Fortune / Happiness will never come of nothing.
I always believe if we want to have it,
first of all, we have to give, strive for and fight for.
The regret is most people just want it for free.
Please remember there is no free lunch in the world.


Never doubt of your talents, all you wait for is just a right opportunity.
Then, you can fly high up to where you belong…

All I want to live in real for once, not just to exist!


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