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Life is such a very complicated matter.
Just we are so impotent when things happen sometimes.
There will have too much interludes happening in our lives.
Love is just an interlude amongst all.

I'm simply a messenger.
I truly hope to share the truth and the positive messages with others and
the messages can pass on from one to another…….

I always believe if everyone does a bit good deed,
bit by bit, we can make a harmonious world!

No matter which religion we believe in or we believe in nothing.
Still, we have to put our hearts at the right place and have a sense of justice alwaysssssss.

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  • A trivial generosity of a stranger, perhaps it will let you thank forever.

    3 months ago
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  • Always be grateful to the one who stands by your side when you cry.
    He never asks a reason why, just standing by your side.

    3 months ago
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  • All I want to live in real for once, not just to exist.

    3 months ago
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