Temporarily Spared

by Xaque   Jun 24, 2022

I accidentally severed several
separate loose stitches /

Hospital stints stink of sickness /

I'm sniffing scents of
some slicing salty substance /

Intravenous sedation /

I'm stuffed with scenes of searing sunsets /

deseased /

I'm sensing my innards
collapsed inwardly in me /

I'm a stunted stupid mass
slapped senseless by physics /

A carcass eventually /

Slurry slimy syllables slip out slowly
into my I.V. /

I see
spatters of scatted slits tatter the tapestry
of reality /

Subtle beats
seethe rhythmically /

Subliminally satisfying stabs
of sudden tragedy
take over me /

I can't remember anything
I'm terribly scared /


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  • 8 months ago

    by Lucas Woods

    "Subliminally satisfying stabs
    of sudden tragedy
    take over me"

    I really enjoyed that line. The poem overall was most satisfying.