A Magical Fairy Named Raindrop

by Shaun Cronick   Aug 1, 2022

Hidden deep in the woodlands,
Near where a river flows.
There dwells a secret kingdom,
With a fairytale to disclose...

Once upon a time,
Not so very long ago.
There is a special fairy,
Who puts on quite a show.

A fairy spectacle to behold,
An audience crying out for more.
She's magical, all fairies cried,
As the rain continued to pour.

A fairy flew through raindrops,
Without getting soaking wet.
Always staying completely dry,
Her magic act never to forget.

This fairy's name is Raindrop,
And all loved her and her name.
The only fairy to keep dry and fly,
Was her unwanted claim to fame.

For in this loving fairy kingdom,
The one thing fairies can't do.
Hold any magic powers against water,
As all fairies get soaked through.

Then one dark night it happened,
A black storm like never before.
Above the kingdom it thundered,
And its endless rain began to pour.

The fairy king shouted to everyone,
Quickly go home and stay inside.
He was the last to seek shelter,
A king loved by all with pride.

Then the high river burst its banks,
A huge wall of water gathered pace.
Towards the beautiful fairy kingdom,
If it hit it would leave not a trace.

This wave of water was so strong,
Uprooting tall trees from the ground,
Even picked a cow who wasn't happy,
Who made a worried mooing sound.

All the fairies of the kingdom,
Knew they were going to sadly die.
But the king was listening to Raindrop,
Who had a plan all needed to try.

Everybody out and quickly hold hands,
Raindrop and the king began to shout.
Thousands of fairies began to link hands,
With Raindrops clever plan to act out.

They surrounded their fairy kingdom,
Creating one huge fairy chain,
Every hand now in each others,
To protect their cherished domain.

And facing the oncoming cruel wave,
Were brave Raindrop and the king.
Then Raindrop shared her magic,
As all hands felt a tingling thing.

Every fairy in the huge circle,
Were all now special like Raindrop.
Everyone filled with her magic,
For the water they had to stop.

As the wave was about to hit,
It then suddenly split in two.
To wash harmlessly around them,
Not a single drop got through.

Hooray,we're all now saved!
They all did mightily cheer.
The water's now just trickles,
No more to ever fear.

Then the wise old fairy king,
At happy Raindrop he did smile.
The queen whispered in his ear,
Something not heard for a while.

My child you have saved us all,
For that you deserve a reward.
Ask it and it's gladly yours,
For your bravery can't be ignored.

My king I have everything I need,
There is nothing I do require.
I'm relived all are now safe,
For that is all I truly desire.

Then suddenly the sound of mooing,
From high above a desperate plea.
All fairies eyes rose skyward,
To reveal a cow trapped in a tree.

Well your majesty said Raindrop,
Perhaps there is just one thing.
She then whispered in his ear,
Which greatly amused the king.

The cow they all called Gertie,
Now happy and doing fine.
Loved by Raindrop and all,
Once upon a time.


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