Angry at God

by A. M.   Aug 11, 2022

God, why do you hate me?
What did I do?
I've tried my best, you see
I used to believe in you

Hardships already started
When I was little and needed care
Through childhood till now
Life hasn't been fair

I do not blame my mom
Her life was tougher than mine
I blame you God
Cause you've been punishing us! And for what crime?

I'm not going to lie
I'm so angry at you
You favor some over others
It's not fair and it's true

My suffering and bad luck is endless
What did I do to deserve it?
Why is my life full of struggle?
Why do I deserve a life full of sh**?

I know there are people out there
Who got it ten times worse than me
And it really makes no sense
They don't deserve it either, 'cause you see...

...Nothing in life
Happens without Your Will
In the end you decide our fate
Whether it should be easy or hard to climb the hill

I try my best to better myself
But I'm just a failure who can't succeed
I fail in whatever I do
I feel like a prisoner who can't be freed

Through the years I thought you'd answer my prayer
But I have no luck
I've wasted so many years
I'm almost where I no longer want to give a f**k

By A. M.


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  • 4 months ago

    by Jenavia L G

    Loving this poem extra hard because this is where I'm at right now. I know exactly how you feel it's like you took the words right out of my mouth. Like you read my mind or something. Eventually I will write a poem cuz I got a lot to say lol.