The last confinement

by DarkLight   Aug 27, 2022

The air around fought back to keep me trapped by the absence of my own spirit,
Where no holy beings found consolation to lighten the burdens of humanity, the pain and destruction caused by manifested chaos of our own greed.

I saw my own redemption,
tears turning into crimson blood
and emotions became a ferry
carrying our own demons to the far end of reality and imaginations.

What have I turned into if not the evil itself?

Will the fire in me light up the skies and cloud the empty galaxies with hope
or will my tears flood the lands left bare with remorse and regrets gifted to me as a punishment for mortals cruelty?

I'm a fading shell,
stripped off of my desires,
my dreams,
sense of belonging,
purpose and the will to move on past the pain of my every waking moments,
but my essence was born of hope,
reason for a better day ,
day that will be after every tomorrow.

The one nothing can neither taint nor destroy.


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  • 6 months ago

    by SilentWolf

    I felt this all the way to my core. Well done.