by Robert Gardiner   Sep 22, 2022


I'm A W O M A N
And I'm As Good Or Better, Than Any Man,
And I won’t Be Held Down,
Won't Just Shut Up.
I'm A Feminist And Proud,
And We've Had Enough,
Of Playing The Role,
Of Being Second To You.
We Have Our Own Goals
And Aspirations, Too.
To You, We're Not Subservient.
To You, We Are Not, Less Than.
See, Extraordinary, Phenomenal, Is Woman!
To All You Chauvinistic Males, You're About To Face, Your Reckoning.
Understand And Know, That Our Time Is Beckoning,
And We Won't Be Treated,
Like Second Class Citizens.
No! We Won't Be Defeated!
We're Rising Up And Changing Things.
We're Standing Up,
Standing Strong And Tall.
Times Up!
Our Resounding Call.
That Obedient, Subservient Person,
She Will, No Longer, Exist.
The Role Of The Docile, Passive, Meek Woman,
We're Moving On, From It.
We're Making The Profession,
No Longer Taking Shit.
Respect, Equality, Our Mission,
Nothing Less Than This.
And Until You Pay Attention,
We're Gonna Continue With
Making You Take A Listen,
Being Provocative,
A Provocative Woman!

Robert Gardiner


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