We Danced

by ddavidd   Oct 28, 2022

It was in the stage
between moments and the moon
that we danced,
in the limelight
that we cradled our shared hearts.

We soaked in the light as much
as the moon soaked in the pores of the night,
like the penumbra of our flickering sways,
like a quarter moon,
a bride and a groom
in black and white attires,
on the stage
oscillating between
the full, and the new moon.

We waltzed
on the swan lake of the moon on the water,
in us, silently, in our souls.

We waltzed like an accordion that undulates and waves
in the tune of its very sound,
the stage light of the moon
and the sprinkle of the multiplying
stars dusting off themselves
from the sediments of the
bygone days.

We stretched within the mirror of our hearts
to a distant light house,
the light after tunnel,
between mirrors,
we multiplied endlessly in stars.

We fractured in the penumbras of the moonlight
and the shadows, on the blinking waves,
and agglomerated our Milky Way.

We waltzed
like winds and waves
enfolding and unfolding
all the night,
making love in the tempest
of their maddening undulations,
extruding and protruding
in and out,
spuming like effervescing grapes.

We erased our differences,
we comb our silence with our breathes
in the dawn’s breeze.

We erased the differences between us,
between us
and the night,
between us
and the light.

And the night ended
we learned the night
was only us,
blooming again
the light.


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