A Hermetic Poem

by Menico Sottile   Nov 1, 2022

A Hermetic Poem

A dream about me
just as I am
Often I am
what is in my dreams
and all very real
surely it seems

I fall in the same party vision
of then
Hermetic visions that linger
in time
without thought
of which the meaning
at that time
wasn’t sought

I still see a crowd dancing
as if jumping
I remember watching
without caring

I will never forget
how I felt
like a ghost
But I knew I was not lost
There was something else
I wanted the most

The crowds’ opinions were okay
as long as they were not
on me imposed
Very much so
I was disposed

Hermetic thoughts are
for me now
Discerning them
I wish I knew how
and still I dream about them
with awareness
or without


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