Beloved Nation

by Menico Sottile   Dec 4, 2022

Beloved Nation

About respect
toward national duty
and testing
is in fact facing reality
that is the beauty

Doing otherwise
is contrary to being noble
It is just living
in a feeble bubble

By claiming patriotism
one should
-for the love of their country-
and for the wellbeing
of the land of the free
-anyone can see-
willing to pay more taxes
as their loving obligation
to the country
And not search
to finding loopholes
to evade paying their share
to their beloved nation

And never
extinguish the lights
in preserving
women rights
instead of eluding excise
on masses
Who could call thus
anyone a patriot
if we so summarize

Simply put
that someone is
of the first class
nothing but
an ass


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