The Violin Teacher

by Menico Sottile   Nov 16, 2022

Forgetting the past is
not recognizing the present

The Violin Teacher

For fifty years
I practiced
the most beautiful
profession in the world
I could not have laid down
on a better place my pain
It was a miracle
not a claim
I wish everyone
could do the same

A certain violin teacher
up to then to me unknown
enrolled me
in the old high school
for my life it became
the most effective tool

No more mowing lawns
no more washing dishes
Ready to be realized
were my wishes

My long years as a professor
of my struggles the shelter
Of that musician
lost in oblivion
is now the name
and myself for ever
I will blame

I landed on the most wonderful
profession on the planet
-it is still written
all over my brain-
No better corner
could have best cradle
my world’s pain


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  • 1 year ago

    by Meena Krish

    Violin is a difficult instrument to master and it takes years, it also helps to take awayvthe hurt, memories and make you forget the surrounding and people around you.