by Sophia   Nov 23, 2022

*Sung to Disney's "Lava" (2015)*

Through thick and thin the two matured.
She planned her future around him.
There were some bumps, of course, but they were just that.

However, unbeknownst to her,
those bumps would grow a volcano
to which, as she should've seen,
he could not ignore.

And as those bumps grew and grew,
he still tried to power through,
until those bumps blocked the view,
and blew out the sun.

He knew what he had to do
by building courage to start brand-new,
but that also meant,
he had to break her heart.

I had a dream
I hoped would come true
that you're here with me
and I'm here with you.
But the truth is that
you do not want me any more.

Where do I put all this lava?


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