by ddavidd   Nov 23, 2022

We immerse in on another
We drown in one another's thirsts
to survive,
to perpetuate
our burning hydration,
to gush rivers
in our appetence.

We sink,
dunk our faces in the counter
oxygen tanks,
or troughs of wetness.
We dive in each other pools
and emerge from
the invert surfaces of our portraits.

We surface upon the face of one another.
We are two heads
belonging to opposite gestures of motion,
two in one and one in two,
the gender chequered canvas, the bride and groom!

We try to whittle our differences,
by unrelentingly erasing and redrawing
our lineaments.

We sail in opposite seas
We wash our faces
in the facing springs of our eyes.
We remember,
To survive our reminiscence.

We reiterate our images again
the per contra facades
like a seesaw.


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