by Phil   Nov 23, 2022

Moments come and go
Pain can be dulled
Love can be confusin
Memories conflicting
Whispers can be loud
Echos can stand still
Reflections all but gone
Colours filled with outlines and blurs

I sit and I think of you
I smile and tears fall from my eyes
I miss you everyday
Your so much further than a phone call now
I feel alone
I get scared
When all I want is you to hold me tight

All I have left is our last embrace
I see you when I close my eyes
I hear your laughter all the time
Then I realise it's all in my mind

Where can I turn when
The World's being cruel
who will look at me with eyes filled with such love My days wilt my memories may fade
But love is a feeling that once had can't be Exchanged or erased


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