When The Mirror Is My Friend!..

by Robert Gardiner   Nov 23, 2022

When The Mirror Is My Friend!..

When the mirror is my friend, it’s a most wonderful time,
When I can look in the mirror and go “Damn,” I'm fine,
But in my less attractive moments, I’m not as secure.
I’m not as confident and a little less sure,
But When the mirror is my friend,
I’m strong, confident.
I just have this feeling, that I can do, anything.

Now, my looks are not my intellect, not my heart, not my soul,
Not all that I am, for, who I am, is much more,
But when I look good, it affects, my whole rapport,
I’m a lot more charming and much more personable.
When the mirror is my friend, All Things Are Right, With My World.
When the mirror is my friend, I Can Conquer, The World!!!

Now, some might say its shallow, but it's just the truth, simply.
To look good is to feel good, and looking good feels good, to me...
Shallow, maybe,
But it’s a fact, for so many...


Our worth, not in our attractiveness,
Our value more than looks, you see.
You don't have to be the prettiest,
To have confidence and self-esteem,
Don't tie your value to physical attractiveness,
For, It's not as glorious as it seems
Don't make it the source of your happiness,
For, eventually, it'll leave.


It's an ever fleeting magic.
Beneath all your physical blemishes,
There's Amazing, In Every Fabric.
Realize And Cherish This!
And understand, that your greatness
Lies not on the outside.
It was not Muhammad Ali's prettiness,
That made him the Greatest Of All Time.
But nay, the amazing person within.
So, find your inner amazing person,
And embrace and develop, her or him,
And don't let your happiness, self-esteem, and confidence,
Be tied to what the mirror presents.
Don't determined your self-worth, by what you're seeing, at the moment.
Don't only love yourself, only in, that certain instance,
When you feel, that you look real good, when the mirror is your friend.
Whether you do or don't like that image, remember that image you're more than...

Robert Gardiner

This poem dates back to somewhere around December 15, 2001, at least, that's when I posted the first inclination online. It was an idea I had, as something to psychologically explore. I wrote it as a project and it was written for humankind, because everybody's self-image can be impacted and influenced by how they look.


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