by Ricky Story   Dec 3, 2022

The will to live
The will to exist
What is so particular about this one thing we all share
Our only chance
The thing which binds us
To anything which shares it
Why I am
Where I am
Could it possibly change
Could I be in a better vice
Could I be in a better life
Why here
Why now
Couldn’t I have thought of something a little more desirable
Is this my only chance
Or will I receive infinite revolution
Trying to elevate to a perfect state
I want you
So bad
I reach for the moon
I reach for the moon
I sob empty tears
Drained of feeling
Drained of emotion
Lifeless in my solitude
Wishing you
Whoever you are
Could be here with me
I wonder what I’m doing
I look at your pictures
I wonder what I’m doing
So close and yet so far from us
Or are we closest we can be
Are we closer than it seems
The drug in my brain
The need to sustain
The aching pain
The desire won’t refrain.



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