by Ricky Story   Apr 15, 2023

I wish I wasn’t disconnected
So much compartmentalization.
There’s something I don’t know how to say
Sometimes when I talk…. I hear myself say other things…
The energy transmitting threw my body in the force in control
I trust that force
But I can only speak for myself
I wish I knew how you were doing
It would help me put things into prospective
Like a picture of a distant relative having a good time
So every reference you have of that person is positive
I wish I knew you
I wish I knew I had a chance
I wish I had someone to talk to about my problems in hopes of making things better
But the thing is… is I want these th8ngs from you specifically
And let down once again…. I realize that’s probably not how it works?
But take me for a fool.. I go for the underdog and the short chances of greatness
Always true as greatness always is
I could use you



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