Logging pt.7

by Ricky Story   Jan 29, 2023

I like the way you weight
Hey, :). Thx
I know. You’re thinking how unlucky you are right?
Yea!!!! Like. If I could just have one less problem!
You’ve always been sad tho.
Yeah but not upset. I feel like I’m always upset
You’re just alone a lot. You need good surroundings
My whole life…. Like a broken record
Look. Your not going to go threw anything that can make your life worse, it will only build you for something for a better reason/cause to happin
I get anxious :/
Who cares. Really…. I don’t think people are bad
Yeah. I’m deerffinatly not bad. And I’m really happy I’m not. I’m just sad
Give it time give it time
Yeah. Just one plroblem less. God I got so close to having an amazing life right?
Well…. I’m an addict. And I’ve done a shit ton of drugs
Yeah I guess you could have a few less problems
Things aren’t all smooth and gravy for everyone tho
But it coulda been for me! Like wtf!
It upsets me. I’m upset a whole bunch sad and dread
I know. It probably doesn’t feel the best
I know what your about to say this time
Yep! You can always make it better!
Better sounds good
Yeah.. :)
Short talk this time. :)
Yeah :). Bye.. love you
Love you <3



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