Early Bird

by Xaque   Dec 31, 2022

drafty quiet embankments
of sanctuary under the blankets

restless of cramped spaces

I vacated the basement
after a shower and breakfast

around three in the morning, freezing,
I'm waiting on the bus


wind in my eyes,
I'm squinting occasionally

I'm close to snowy nights,
I like the way the streetlight
can dampen a mood

plays warm on the cold wool
hues of snow as it floats off
the breeze, glistening ethereally
as it passes between the
power lines, fences, and trees

stillness all around me and
up and down this long street,
I'm counting my heartbeat

snowblind mind,
I'm drifting aimlessly

blurry images meandering
through the few and far between
parts of my life that are
still important
to me


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