Angels' fish

by Obscure   Jan 2, 2023

The angels found me yesterday
And the wind carried their voices
Screaming, tormented sinners
All eyes, no tongue
Wings, bone, blood
They held me through my sorrows
Pulled me under, held me there
I lived them all again
But still they were not sated
Give more, feel more, speak more
Share flesh, share fears
They gobble me,
I slip beneath a dream
In silence gain my hope
Choke through darkness
Towards sunlight, lantern light,
Or that of creatures under sea
Where I will drown again
Torn by jaws I did not see

I know this doesn't rhyme or anything, but it helped me get rid of a feeling, so maybe someone else will enjoy it.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Mr. Darcy

    No need for rhyme when the words are as descriptive as this. Despair, panic, fear and frustration all rose to the surface as I read this. I am sure it helped to get this off your chest.

    Well done.