Once upon

by Ricky Story   Jan 5, 2023

Crawling at first
Terror of teeth
The buried experiencing beautie of the last moments after a whole love of peace
Finding love
Happiness in one’s mind with joy in the space made for us as we contribute little but much blessed to be here as we are
Enjoying that crawling little brain
That first may have had many obstacles
But out of a drive of a desire to overcome
A sure need for anything to proceed if it was suppose to be that way to begin with
Some thirst
Some experience
Some people have been through this
I’m sure they have had some problems
The beauty of all of it is it wants to proceed and make corrections threw a will that is only processed to the will we are experiencing each as our own together but alone
The early brain
Spurts of growth
Dawned from the clouds as a flower flourishes in summer and spring
Happiness it’s allowed better if it’s correct and ever better if it’s corrected in a loving breath of wind from loving soil for a loving soul as if a flower was created by sand
Help n pain
Appreciation for those who are able to tread a path graciously threw a land full of hazards with benefits first in mind unwilling to serve the prosperity of the whole
The problems that do not disipear because of the selfishness of the leaders with the gratitude of the family’s it helps but still…. How long do the lies cobtinue. And do you want for an end worth living threw
With prosperity threw the tears
I will offer you a peace
Not a lie
You don’t have to take my word for it
I already gave it to you
I have kept my part
And you do not have to worrie about loss
Just grow and smile and thank me when you see the good things
At your own pace
Making the best of what you have
And always remember.
You came to me
Not the other way around
And I was there because I love you
Right and wrong
More or less
So funny that I shed a tear
God bless your soul
A fire
Time to eat
Life is good
Lies are lost forever
It’s all I find here
Not that you know the truth to begin with
As if a fool like you would tell the secrets only ideas can muster
Trying so hard
Not to disregard
Away from those deviant cursed animals
Bless the narrow bless the mind
Cure the time
And refund the line of time that went blind
Redeem the time and purify the lie to dissipate the tears that were oh so lucky to find
Because lies are lucky to find just one
Usually…. It’s limitless
But a loving heart is more nourishing
In fact. It’s simply easy to take to much with enough love
So tread with caution
I’m speaking of lies and the desire for truth to heal
Which is a true blessing
If followed on a narrow path asking no questions



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