Midnight Vodka

by El_Mabini   Jan 16, 2023

I'm a midnight vodka.
Only loved me at midnight,
when my name's on dial tone
so they can sleep tight.

Composed mainly of water and ethanol.
Crystal clear intention, almost bland.
But sometimes with rubbles
of impurities and insecurities

wildly diverse, quite metaphorical.
goes with every shot glass color.
There's me out there for everybody.
There's me to fill-in somebody.

Drink the happiness in me, everybody.
Only one glass can make you high.
Two or more can make you somebody
But I'm afraid, I'll be empty soon after.

And if my glass is empty
I'll tell the God to refill me
so you'll never throw me away
because I'm too fragile to be thrown.

But for the mean time,
Will you be my midnight vodka?
Hear my thoughts, hear my whine.
love me not only in midnight will yah?

not necessarily strong, not too cold.
Honesty is enough, that's gold.
Not necessarily too many shot.
one is enough to make me smile.

And if it is not to much to ask,
can you not call me on midnight only?
can I be your vodka 'til dusk,
because I'm wildly diverse silly.


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