by ddavidd   Jan 19, 2023

With you I'm begun,
no more a phantom,
a real one,
not a disguise,
always anew, always a rising sun,

With you I am truly me
nothing under mask, nothing to disguise.
I sell my heart to you
because I see a true customer
just in your eyes.


In this bruised ambiance of exile,
in this shopping isle,
that there are no more stockpiles,
of pristine smiles,
-for laughter is feigned, vile,
for sweetness is out of style-
I look at you
and my heartbeats brim over
like gushing gullets of sparrows,
like blue lilies
on the reverie of golden Nile.

I give my heart to you
this beehive
suckling your iris to survive,
bursting splendour in taste buds
rather than
in the eyes,
turning thirst to floods,
turning blooms to honey
in lieu of glittering

Take it!
This sip of honeydew
to you.


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