Wishing i'v been missing

by Phil   Jan 21, 2023

I'm been failed by you
I'm failing myself
I'm hiding away my true feelings
I'm closing down inside
My body is with drawing from within

I'm on lock down inside
I'm to numb to feel the pain
I just sit and wait and see the events unfold

My eyes are full
Theres no room for expanding
My tears will fall like rain down a mountain

My vision will be unclear
Just like my beginning
It will go dark like my mind from within

I failed before i started
No matter how i try to change it
This was my destiny
My path in life was chosen

How empty i feel inside
Inside this shell of skin
I can feel nothing
Because there nothing within
Just a lost mind trying to fit in

To fit in is not the word
As i can see from the side lines
Just how unhappy you've become inside
This lost body and mind

Who is this talking to me
Why are they so clear
Whats the message they are sending me to hear

I close my eyes and wish for a better way
I only wanted what i had never had to stay
This has been a problem
I only stave my self of wisdom
Just only wishing for the wishes
I have been missing


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