by Cantchangeme   Feb 15, 2023

In day with sun low and beaming
I beheld a fellow dreaming
Not now unseen but still un-seeming
In the creeping shadow of the glen
His pale skin softly lay gleaming
In spite of a darkness scheming
To thieve a lost soul of its redeeming
Wandering between the now and then

Far from the city’s vile thronging
I heard it’s old church bell gonging
Reminding me of a belonging
Of a grave that’s waiting there for me
In fear of some awful wronging
I stood held in wanton longing
A certain grim ending I’m prolonging
Hidden well beneath this rotten tree

It was now I felt a looming
A wraith with intent to dooming
My idol so unassuming
To a place far, far away from I
The air ripe of sickness blooming
So thick as to be entombing
My soul in need of its exhuming
From beneath this bleak and sinful sky


The ancient storm it is now breaking
Pretty patterns etched in its own making
Having gorged on its glutinous taking
Here there and round and round the shady glen
An Angel with no fear of waking
A Demons thirst no longer slaking
Yet I feel that terrible aching
That lingers between the now and then


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ink

    I find this poem so powerful, saved to my favs for later consumption, your writing is so vivid it's ridiculous! Regards Ink