Within a Music Box

by ddavidd   Mar 27, 2023

I dreamed of you at nights,
I sleepwalked you in the daylights,
until I came across you
in flesh.

All the clouds adorned,
in and out of themselves
facsimileing your mould
to perfect your silhouette.

In the daylight
nobody sees one’s light.
In the dark
nobody sees you over your mask.

In the dark veils are faceless.
In the dark, the inner lamps are lit,
and sunflowers
are inmost.

Only in the dark, absolute dark,
I’ve found your inward,
I’ve found you,

You took my hand.
You invited me in your arms.
I remembered you in every curve that
fondled the cords of my fingers,
played the guitar of my senses,
recapitulated me all
in a waltzing statuette,
within a music box.

brimmed the concavities of my thirst
with rains,

and the parched grains turned
inside out.


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