by Kate   Apr 17, 2023

Two lonesome seeds adrift in separate gales
Wore their hearts upon uneasy sleeves.
They never knew how life would pain them,
Their next direction, how winds would heave.

One thought itself to be too far damaged
To be so lucky to find way back to the ground.
The other thought, despite its splendor,
That in its sea of loneliness it might drown.

A sudden shift in current pulled them together
And in that vortex they carefully danced.
Sharing journeys, dreams and wishes,
Leaving the other remarkably entranced.

Unable to fight the attraction, they collide,
And land amongst a field made just for them.
Of the richest soil and sun, both life and love,
An exquisite place where care could stem.

Here they’ve begun to grow their roots,
Tender buds blooming as they intertwine.
Basking in the glory of one another,
To share an otherworldly love so divine.


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  • 7 months ago

    by Walter

    Beautifully written Kate and love is such a powerful force that can entwine two lost seeds to bloom and grow together as you've portrayed above. Love the imagery here and a visually inspiring read!