Ashes falling down ashore

by El_Mabini   Apr 23, 2023

Your name says it all.
Ashes falling down ashore.
Dyeing my water grey and hazy.
So I, the captain, cannot see.

Oh why, oh why ashes?
Did you fall onto to me?
Why did you fall on to my waters
And not onto the seven seas?

I was not among those at ease
when your ashes touch their surface.
My first sight of you hurts.
So I never dreamt of it.

It burned deep down to my skin
And down to my self-esteem.
Now its the second time around.
I see ashes falling down.

it blurs my cold blue waters
turning grey which I favor
You put the starry night.
beyond the reach of my eyes

Sadly, my ship remains ashore.
Finding myself stuck in awe.
I cannot resist to adore.
How blurry you made my sea.

Now, I'm in wonder
If these ashes has meaning?
Or should I ponder
If adoring you is overthinking?

Make my sea back to clear.
So I can see the real deal
Of ashes falling down ashore
Was a sure admiration


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