The Collector

by Obscure   Jun 17, 2023

I think I'd rather be liked than known
And I know myself so much less than I should
Hiding myself away in different containers
lockets, closets, boxes, frames

I keep the parts of me that I dislike
In a trash bag
And they come clawing out in fury
leaving gashes on my arms and soul
Until I find the power to suffocate them
In another plastic bag
For a short time

Most of me I place in cardboard boxes,
Carry around until I slosh out wrong
And taint the box with the bad parts
Scrap that version and find a new one

Some parts I like, I place in picture frames
And face them outward so you can see
Till they begin to rot and your disgust
Eats through me and I trash the contents

I take the ones I like the most,
Place them away from prying eyes
Under my pillow in a locket
Trying protect them from my rotting

I puzzle-piece myself together to display
And no-one sees the whole thing, even me
I have a collection of my masks and selves
But I can never look them full in the face


I promise I still know how to rhyme and write sorta well, I just have too much in my head right now


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