I am my own guilt

by Obscure   Jul 19, 2023

I slip out of myself
Each time I drop into the screen
How do I climb out?
The mud squirms with a thousand lives
or lies
I cannot tell
Taste it, and it is bitter
I chose bitter words to taste so young
It wants to climb inside my veins again
I lost myself
And it wants back
I run, crippled
Because nowhere is home

Hold my blood, pulsing in my hands
Rushing forward, craving more
What do you seek, oh wild one?
You have killed the animal you inhabit
How heavy is its corpse?
Let it rest
It wants to float
With you inside it
Down a fountain edge
Follow me, over the wobbling edges
Where gasps come up hollow of air
And we travel past the world

I wanted to attempt a different sort of free verse and even though it doesn't make sense, I still somewhat like it. It sorta feels more fluid than normal poetry.


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