Dark Truth of White Lies

by Walter   Sep 22, 2023

Often daunting when you lie and try to go to sleep
Thoughts hidden in your mind, now will tend to creep
Broken sleep until the dawn, they will not let you rest
Convincing all in the light, but failing your own test

Drinking coffee for breakfast, your hunger for caffeine
Ignoring what you need to do and sticking to routine
Knowing what is right and wrong, distinguished by a line
And the path you're forced to walk, where they both align

Life is balanced at this point, an apex from your past
But all you see is a high wire and luck that will not last
A path that's already picked, which you did not choose
And knowing deep down inside, that you're bound to lose

This will be the life you live, when you are awake
Showing lies to everyone, smiling that you fake
When even your closest friend, will not hear your call
Silenced by the dark of night, where no one sees you fall


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  • 2 months ago

    by Mahal Ko Kuya Ko

    A single lie is really unsettling, no matter if done im good or bad will. Having to live with it can be really hard. An insightful read! Thanks for sharing.

    --- MKKK