Equity For All To See

by Christen Kuikoua   Nov 15, 2023

In shadows cast by prejudice, a knock resounds,
At the door of your heart, where peace abounds.
Brother, let not questions cloud the air,
For I am like you, in this world we share.

Not defined by hues, nor land's embrace,
I stand before you, a human race.
The cold winds blow, outside your gate,
Open, brother, don't discriminate.

No black, no yellow, red, nor white,
In unity, we find our common light.
Measure not my features, nor my creed,
Open wide, let compassion lead.

Why seek the differences that tear us apart?
Let understanding reign, a work of art.
I am just a man, a reflection of you,
In the tapestry of life, woven through.

Not African, American, Asian, or Australian born,
In every heart, the same pulse is worn.
In this cosmic dance, let hatred cease,
Open your door to the symphony of peace.

I am not defined by the skin I wear,
Nor the God I worship in silent prayer.
Brother, in the cold, open wide,
Let love and acceptance be our guide.

For I am the man of yesterday, today, and tomorrow,
A celestial being, in joy and sorrow.
In your heart, let the revolution start,
Open, brother, and uplift the human heart.


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