Time taken

by Stephen   Apr 2, 2024

I sit back and listen to these waves
my mind is always racing,
I'm pacing,
this has become my escape.
Let the hurt drift away,
shift to a different space,
in a distant place mentally
where fundamentally everything is okay.

I have my daughter everyday
without people getting in the way
with something negative to say.
I smile while she laughs at play;
going down the slide,
now she's headed towards the swing,
asking me to pick her up and put her in.
I can't explain the joy it brings.

Hearing her giggling and seeing her smile,
that's something I haven't seen in a while.
I really miss my child and it's wild
I'm forced to sit here and accept the fact
the time she's kept away is
time that can't be taken back.

Stephen Greenleaf © 2024


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