by Stephen   Apr 2, 2024

Call me the modern day desperado,
there's no bravado.
Accustomed to loneliness,
still it's a bitter pill to swallow.
I need an ocean to drown in,
my tears can fill empty bottles.
Emotions invalidating
the goals I set for tomorrow.
Inside I feel hollow,
trying to rid myself of the sorrow.
I know there's no such thing
as time you get back or can borrow.
From Shanghai to Chicago
there's people dealing with pain.
It may not all feel the same,
nevertheless, it's all leaving a stain.
The strain of trying to sustain
while the pain still remains the same,
can drive any man insane,
but you've got to embrace the rain.

Remember, that seasons change.

Stephen Greenleaf © 2024


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