Chasing the Moon

by Jack Nightengale   Jun 3, 2024

The lone Wolf reaches the icy peak,
Howling in the night air for the Moon he seeks,
Her light shines but never upon his face,
She hears his call, but ignores it to keep him in place.

Every night the wolf returns for her,
Howling his wish to forever be together,
But he watches as she dances with the stars,
He silently gazes up even from afar.

He waits for her his entire life,
Whether tired, injured, or dealing with internal strife.
Still, he sit upon the same icy peak,
Waiting for the moment the Moon choose to finally speak.

Years pass and he still remains,
He's grown weaker, his heart forever in pain.
Unmoving and determined to wait for her gaze,
He holds on for several more days.

Heartbreak takes him as the Moon and the Sun meet,
He's forced to accept his bitter defeat.
He wants to run, he wants to disappear,
But the night comes and her light makes everything clear.

He lives for her light, but stays in the dark,
He wanted to be her choice, to leave even the smallest mark,
But he can't hold on any longer, so he takes a walk,
As he drifts into the shadows, the moon finally talks.

So he turns back, he fakes a smile,
He stays and listens, at least for a while.
She promises her return, she promises to stay,
So the wolf continued to wait, waiting for that day.

A decade passes, and it finally arrives,
But the moon notices that the Wolf is no longer alive.
Where he usually sat, only his shadow remained,
A single message clawed into the ground in pain.

"I've waited for your return but I cannot anymore,
So I leave my shadow, so that I can wait some more.
I fell for you even when the sun was your home,
I waited for you, even when you left me alone.
So I give to you all that I've got to give,
I wish you all the happiness and many more years to live."

The shadow howled softly before it could disappear,
The Moon was left with nothing, but a single tear.
As night would pass, she could swear she could hear his howls,
But was mistaken by the hooting owls.

She kept her distance from the twinkling stars,
She kept watch of the land so far.
She visits the icy grave on the same date,
Hating that she returned too late.


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  • 1 week ago

    by Jason Rainey

    This story teaches us that even when we love someone very much, sometimes things don't work out the way we want. But it's important to always be kind and tell people how we feel, because we never know how much time we have left.

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