~*Our Passionate Love*~

by TattooedPierced   Aug 17, 2004

Deeply Intimate,
covers thrown from our bodies,
sweat trickling down your back.
Kisses pass from your lips to mine,
as our arms & legs seem to be entwined.
Parting from each other, never crosses our minds.
As we hold each other in a passionate embrace.
I whisper I love you into your ear and you pull my body near yours.
As we lay here in the dark our fantasies, dreams and thoughts run free, as you lay there holding me. I just hope that all this will be when you can finally be able to love me.
But if all this disappears with time. We will always have the memories of the moments like this. And if all this does end, than to you I give my heart along with just one last kiss.
To: Jay Callipare


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  • 15 years ago

    by Jay

    Awesome def (5) Jay

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