by TattooedPierced   May 26, 2005

For so many years I held so much hate to wards you.
For all the things you did and for all you put me through.
Even though you were present, you were never really there.
You never said you loved me, you never really cared.

Six years had passed and the hate begun to fade away.
But my anger still remained and some of it was gone but some of it still stayed.
Although the hate had faded I still could not forgive you inside.
My true feelings I had for you I still could not truly find.

Letters began to circulate between you and I.
But still I had not seen you nor looked you in the eyes.
Soon after, I came to visit and I talked to you face to face.
As I stood within that house, I felt so out of place.

You told me you were sorry for everything you had done.
I just stood there feeling something, hell I was just stunned.
You told me how much you loved me and I could’t believe my ears.
For I had held so much anger toto wardsou for so many years.

The anger that resided deep inside of me.
No one could ever really see.
I hid my feelings now, just like I use to.
But I need to say something now and this is to you.

Even though you weren't the greatest dad.
I need you to know that I am no longer mad.
I might never have said the things I needed to say straight to your face.
So I’ll take the time now since it is just you and me in this place.

There is no more pain and no more sorrow.
And I’ll love you still, today and tomorrow.
But I need you to know that I forgave you before you died.
So all I can tell you now is that I love you and Goodbye.
By: Susan Beth Hittle
Wrote: April 15, 2005


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  • 14 years ago

    by TattooedPierced

    Yes it is true. my dad died of cancer in April. Thanks for the comment

  • 14 years ago

    by foreverhappy

    Oh my gosh this is so sad. Is it true? Its really good but just really sad. Great job. You really are a great and extremely strong person