Let's write us a fairytale!!!

by Robert Gardiner   Aug 30, 2004

Let's write us a fairytale…

I want to write a sweet fairytale,
Pages, filled, with our love,
A beautiful story, to be regaled,
That, forever, will be told of.
I want to share, a love, so heavenly,
As if, written, in the stars.
I want to love you, for all eternity,
Through all the eons there are.
I want to bring you, joy & happiness,
To give you love, for all of your days.
I want to show you adoration, tenderness,
To Love you, in so many ways.
I want to make, love's fairytale, reality,
Share happily ever after, with you.
To love you, forever, eternally
Is all I wish to do.
So, with your heart and mine, together,
Let's write the greatest love story, ever told,
Love, it’s life's greatest treasure,
And your love's the treasure I want to hold.
So, let's write, a most enchanting fairytale,
The most beautiful, of love story, to ever, be regaled,
A Rhapsody, that angels will ever sing of.
Let's write us a fairytale, let's write, our story, of love...

Robert Gardiner

Votes and comments greatly appreciated, thank you!!!


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by Not Bulletproof

    nice job robert, keep up the great work :)

  • 15 years ago

    by Bryan

    Hey dude, this poem was very good, but I think me and my girl are writing the same fairy tale as you and your girl are. lol. I love the way you wrote the poem, it just sounds perfect. I hope you showed your girl that poem man, I am sure she would love it. Great job. You keep writing your fairy tale, I hope it is always happily ever after. Great job again.